A Girl’s Hammock

60377898_sAn OT at Coordinated Movements, Inc. recommended many helpful things for our child, and they’ve always worked as intended. We were hesitant, however, about getting a hammock, because we figured they’d be very expensive and if she didn’t like it we’d be out of the money.

Guess what? When I bought the hammock at Wal-Mart I almost cried. Why? Because it was only $8.00. As you know, everything our children require is usually expensive. However, this $8.00 hammock has brought our daughter so much joy and relaxation.

When she’s uptight, she swings in it by laying sideways and pushing off her wall. We’re afraid that one day she’ll end up busting her way into the living room doing that, but it works so we’ll worry about the home repair when the time comes. When she hits too hard you always hear a “Sorry!,” so I suppose you could say it also helps her social skill development. She hangs in her hammock for hours at a time, listening to music, reading or writing lists. When she can’t sleep at night, she crawls into her hammock and relaxes.

We hung the hammock using 2 toggle bolts screwed into studs in her walls. We hung it over her bed, because I was afraid if she fell she’d hurt herself if she hit the floor. She’s never fallen out, though.

The hammock is quite entertaining as well. Her kitty, thinks that if the hammock if good enough for our daughter, then it’s good enough for her as well. She jumps in, all 7 legs go through the holes in the hammock, and she just hangs there looking pathetic until our daughter rescues her. So, I guess you could say that the hammock is helping her enrich her empathy skills as well!

Thanks Coordinated Movements, for helping us find an easy “home improvement” to help our daughter relax, and have her own “safe” place to go to to unwind.