61441781_sMy son always had a tough time when a change occurred from what he was doing. Example – he’d be playing in the sandbox at preschool and it would be time to leave. His teacher would tell him to get his bag etc. and he would throw a fit. If friends came to our house and it was time for them to leave the same thing happened. Dinner time, my son would yell and scream because he was busy playing or watching TV. Together with a therapist, I decided that if I counted the time away it would prepare my son for any challenge that we know was about to happen. I would tell him that “We have 10 minutes then we’ll be leaving” or “We have 10 minutes then your friends will be leaving.” Then “We have five minutes,” “One minute,” “Okay it’s time.” He really went along with this and today he’s almost eight years old and we still do this. My friends do this with their children or when they come over to prepare my son. If we know a change is happening, and can prepare him, we have no more tantrums. It worked for me!